Artisanal Charcoal

Our Artigianal Charcoal is cooked with the same Phoenician Art with Charcoal Pits.

Only perfurmed Leccio wood not treated with chimical soubstances. Wood from Italian Wood.

100% Natural-Artisanal

Thanks to the slow cooking inside the charcoal pit , charcoal is perfect for grill and barbecue.     The arome will exalt food's tastes in a unique way.

Unlike classical charcoal, this Artisanal Charcoal doesn't produce smoke, doesn't make sparks  and can reach very high temperature, giving a super aroma 

For indoor and outdoor.
Great for grilling and filling with smoke.
Perfect for Barbecue Lotus Grill and Kamado.
Available boxes from 2,5-5-10 Kg
Choose 2 boxes of the same weight and you will have a 10% discount.
Or with 3 or plus  boxes 25% discount.

Prices from 5,60 € /Kg  to 2,90 €/Kg  according to the quantity

tracked shipping in 24-72 hours.
Free shipping for orders above 95,00€
Good grill to everyone!