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In the middle of Calabria, between Jonio Sea and Tirreno Sea, in the Serre Calabresi mountains, around Serra San's wood
Bruno has the last artisanal production of charcoal in Italy


The Great Charcoal Burner of the Old Charcoal Pits with lots of Love and Passion select the more perfurmed and valuable wood to produce one of the best Charcoal to cook food in the world.
Indeed meat, fish and vegetables tastes are better with the aroma this charcaol can give.
The cooking of Leccio's wood which produces charcoal is the same Natural Coalification technique taught by Phoenicians and handed down for Millennia until now from fother to son


Now exists only twenty Charcoal burners who know this Art handed down for Millennia composed by archaic gestures linked to fire.


To build a Charcoal Pits people use 20 days. Furrows on faces and consumed hands make understand the hard work behind this Art.

Charcoal for indoor and outdoor.

Perfect for GrillingFilling with smoke.

Perfect for Barbecue Lotus Grill and Kamado.

Available Boxes from 2,5-5-10 Kg

Choose 2 boxes of the same weight and You will have a 10%  discount.

Or with 3 or plus  boxes you will have a  25% discount.

Prices from 5,60 € /Kg  to 2,90 €/Kg  according to the quantity.

Tracked Shipping in 24-72 Hours.

Free Shipping from 95,00€

Good grill to everyone!