As the Phoenicians did

After having selected the best wood to produce charcoal, charcoal burners start building the charcoal pit.
with the bigest pueces of wood they build the chimney , inside it, it starts the ignition.
Then they put wood in a circular way to build the dome , this is  5-6 metres height and 4-5 metres in diameter.




Once it has been created, wood dome, is covered in straw.


Then everything is covered with some earth.

Charcoal Pits creation uses around  4-5 days.

At this point the charcoal pit is ready to be burned.

The ignition starts from the Fireplace Mouth aboe the charcoal pit thanks to some burning wood called "Tizzuni".

 From this moment charcoal needs 15 days to be ready.

In these days charcoal burners take care of their Charcoal Pits as if it is their daughter.

Indeed they costantly follow charcoal cooking "feeding" the Charcoal Pit with other wood according to the smoke colour and the weather conditions.

Stops or Partis don't exist for Charcoal Burners. They only need rains or winds to waste all the work the have did.

After 15 days of cooking the Charcoal Burners pick up the results of their hard work.

Hard work to produce this charcoal is supported by their great love and a enormous Passion they have for this Art.

Proud to produce one of the best charcal in the world .