The Last Fire Guardians

Called "The Last Fire Guardians ", charcoal burners from Serra San Bruno or better called as "Carvunari" are heirs of a millennia job. They work like Phoenicians. 
Nowadays only twenty charcoal burners know this Natural Carbonization Art. 
We can already see their Art when they only select the best Leccio wood for cooking.
Their Life is in symbiosis with charcoal life. Indeed they always follow them, they ostantly assist because they want that wood cooking will be Perfect.
Just a weather change to waste  their entire work.

Charcoal Burners take costantly care of their charcoal pit and they feed it with other wood like a Daughter to continue cooking charcoal.


Rain, wind, sun, snow, night and day don't make any difference, they are always near and furrows on their faces and hands are witnesses of this.

An Art carried on with pride, passion and love. They know their charcoal is one of the best in the World for its aroma and its taste.